Foi Bonita a Festa

Ouro e Cinza Ouro e Cinza Ouro e Cinza Ouro e Cinza

Salomé Lamas

State: Post-production
Co-produced by O Som e a Fúria and Foi Bonita a Festa

Searching for redemption, a mother and a daughter go beyond their limits to break free from their comfortable but suffocating lives. A narrative of hallucinogenic qualities, pierced by moments of clarity.

Two women: Carmo, the mother, and Irma, the daughter. Opposites and strong-willed, they are mutually dependent. Carmo's precocious and homeless motherhood stunted her growth. Irma, more practical and functional, was born already old. They are now confronted with an inner urge to understand and accept themselves.

Ouro e Cinza is a story with traces of a psychological thriller about the human condition centered on the conventions that imprison us at all levels: relational, social, moral, historical, scientific, economic, and even linguistic.

The film is told in two almost simultaneous registers. A material plane and a psychological one, fluid like desires, dreams, memory, and the interpretations we imagine. On the material plane we see facts and actions; on the fluid plane we contact with the deep motivations of the characters and with the inner place, materially non-existent, where they meet and understand each other. In this fluid plane, the conventions of authority and hierarchy disappear, and there, free for a moment, mother and daughter find some possibility of “salvation.”