Foi Bonita a Festa

DNA at the Speed of Light

State: in the development stage, focusing on establishing a firm co-production partnership and funding options, while on progressing its plot treatment and script.

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Our Lady who burns

State: post-production stage, about to enter color grading and final sound mix

Produced by Cristiana Forte.
Production of Foi Bonita a Festa, 2023

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Alice dos Reis

Ouro e Cinza

State: Post-production
Co-produced by O Som e a Fúria and Foi Bonita a Festa

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Salomé Lamas

Cyborg Wildlife

State: Shooting and editing stage
Produced by Foi Bonita a Festa.

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Mariana Silva

The Bag of Night

State: Development and funding
A co-production ANAVILHANA and Foi Bonita a Festa

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Janaína Wagner