Foi Bonita a Festa

 Giving Birth Giving Birth Giving Birth Giving Birth

Adriana Vila Guevara

State: Development and funding.
Produced by Foi Bonita a Festa

In the context of disparate global geopolitical, climatic and post-pandemic conflicts, a filmmaker, teacher, artist and anthropologist, an independent worker confronted with the precariousness of employment and housing, concerned with the unsustainability of the capitalist system and troubled by her biological clock pushing her to be a mother, decides to make a series of structural changes in her life and then film them.

A first-person diary, eclectic and meta-cinematic, of self-reflection and raw nudity at the same time. A disciplined exercise in capturing a life as it is lived, in a process of moving from the city to the countryside, the search for a community life, food networks and emotional support, the deconstruction of the idea and practice of love and family, the economic-productive structure, as well as healthcare.
An impulse that comes hand in hand with the contradictory decision to become a single mother, deconstructing the socially preconceived patterns and schemes of motherhood, creatively questioning and actively participating in its reinvention.

A film that reveals the raw discovery of more than one birth.