Foi Bonita a Festa

 Cybord Wildlife Cybord Wildlife Cybord Wildlife Cybord Wildlife

An artist film by Mariana Silva
State: shooting and editing stage
Produced by Foi Bonita a Festa.

Cyborg Wildlife looks at the significance of big data and computational models in monitoring animal wildlife and contemporary conservation practices. Between the observational and the speculative, the film questions how computational tools have modified zoological methods amidst the ongoing mass extinction.
Cyborg Wildlife adopts the length of a standard TV wildlife documentary and dialogues with the history of the genre through visual self-reflexivity, while also pointing to the exoticist and often racist past of both wildlife TV genres and wildlife reserves themselves.

In contrast to its naturalizing tendency, Cyborg Wildlife’s direction and editing acknowledges the porousness of the human and nonhuman, the biological and the technological while merging lens-based footage of animals, software analysis and computer-generated
designs, and archival footage.
How is the cinematic form of the convention-heavy observational nature documentary at odds with the current cybernetic understanding of biology? It is the incongruence of cinematic form and contemporary biology that Cyborg Wildlife seeks to explore.